Decoration Products

  • Qualgel Mirroir

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir

    Neutral mirror gel

  • Qualgel Mirroir Biscotto

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir Biscotto

    Biscotto mirror gel

  • Qualgel Mirroir Caramel

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir Caramel

    Caramel mirror gel

  • Qualgel Mirroir Chocolate

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir Chocolate

    Chocolate mirror gel

  • Qualgel Mirroir Freezer

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir Freezer

    Neutral freezer mirror gel

  • Qualgel Mirroir Orange

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir Orange

    Orange mirror gel

  • Qualgel Mirroir Raspberry

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir Raspberry

    Red raspberry mirror gel

  • Qualgel Mirroir White

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir White

    Ice white mirror gel

  • Qualtop Strawberry

    PapageorgiouQualtop Strawberry

    Farcitura strawberry

  • Placeholder

    Qualfruit Filling Strawberry

  • Qualgel Neutral Cold

    PapageorgiouQualgel Neutral Cold

    Neutral gel ready to glaze

  • Caramelised Almonds

    PapageorgiouCaramelised Almonds

    Caramelized nuts (granulometry 2-5mm)

  • Caramelised Hazelnuts

    PapageorgiouCaramelised Hazelnuts

    Caramelized nuts (granulometry 2-5mm)

  • Qualfruit Apricot

    PapageorgiouQualfruit Apricot

    45% apricot jam with bake and freeze stable.

  • Whole Sour Cherries in gel

    Whole Sour Cherries in gel

    Whole Sour cherry fruit content 60%

  • Whole Blueberries in gel

    Whole Blueberries in gel

    Whole Blueberry fruit content 45%

  • Whole Strawberries in gel

    Whole Strawberries in gel

    Whole Strawberry fruit content 63%

  • Placeholder

    PapageorgiouQualfil Apple 80%

    Suitable for baking, coatings and as variegato

  • Placeholder

    PapageorgiouQualfruit Apple Bake Filling 90% 6kgr

    90% Apple in pieces for filling bake and freeze stable