Pastry Creams

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    Qualfruit Filling Strawberry

  • Qualcreme Classic

    PapageorgiouQualcreme Classic

    Cold pastry cream powder


    PapageorgiouQualcreme Deluxe

    Cold pastry cream powder

  • Qualfruit Apricot

    PapageorgiouQualfruit Apricot

    45% apricot jam with bake and freeze stable.


    PapageorgiouQualcreme Deluxe Plus

    Cold pastry cream powder

  • Vegetable Cream 26% fat 10lt

    PremierVegetable Cream 26% fat 10lt

    With 26% fat. Suitable for decorating & filling.

  • Vegetable Cream 26% fat

    PremierVegetable Cream 26% fat

    Suitable for decorating & filling.

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    PapageorgiouQualfruit Apple Bake Filling 90% 6kgr

    90% Apple in pieces for filling bake and freeze stable


    PapageorgiouQualcreme Deluxe Hot

    Hot pastry cream powder

  • Qualcreme Vanilla

    PapageorgiouQualcreme Vanilla

    Ready to use vanilla cream (bavarian type)