• Pan Antiguo

    PapageorgiouPan Antiguo

    Mix with ancient seeds of Latin America and light notes of honey. Suitable for baking products and snacks.

  • Qualcake  Red Velvet Fruit

    PapageorgiouQualcake Red Velvet Fruit

    Powder Mix for Red Velvet Cake

  • Qualcake Ravani

    PapageorgiouQualcake Ravani

    Powder Mix for Ravani

  • Baguette Francaise 25%

    PapageorgiouBaguette Francaise 25%

    Mix with cereals for the authentic French baguette and baking products

  • Long Fresh

    PapageorgiouLong Fresh

    Ιmprover for the production of pre-baked bread

  • Maizena Plus 50%

    PapageorgiouMaizena Plus 50%

    Mix for corn bread making and baking products.

  • Qualcake Carob Cake

    PapageorgiouQualcake Carob Cake

    Powder Mix for Carob Cake

  • Qualcake Carrot Cake

    PapageorgiouQualcake Carrot Cake

    Powder Mix for Carrot Cake

  • Qualcake Chocolate Pie

    PapageorgiouQualcake Chocolate Pie

    Powder Mix for Chocolate Pie

  • Qualcake Lemon Popyseed

    PapageorgiouQualcake Lemon Popyseed

    Powder Mix for lemon cake with popyseed

  • Qualcake Moist

    PapageorgiouQualcake Moist

    Powder Mix for cake

  • Qualcake Moist Chocolate

    PapageorgiouQualcake Moist Chocolate

    Powder Mix for chocolate cake and muffin

  • Qualcake Oat

    PapageorgiouQualcake Oat

    Powder Mix for oatmeal cake

  • Qualcake Red Velvet

    PapageorgiouQualcake Red Velvet

    Powder Mix for Red Velvet Cake

  • Qualcake Sponge Choco

    PapageorgiouQualcake Sponge Choco

    Powder Mix for French chocolate sponge cake

  • Qualcake Sugar Free

    PapageorgiouQualcake Sugar Free

    Powder Mix for sugar free cake

  • Qualgel Mirroir

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir

    Neutral mirror gel

  • Qualgel Mirroir Biscotto

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir Biscotto

    Biscotto mirror gel

  • Qualgel Mirroir Caramel

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir Caramel

    Caramel mirror gel

  • Qualgel Mirroir Chocolate

    PapageorgiouQualgel Mirroir Chocolate

    Chocolate mirror gel