Unigel’s history has always intertwined with the one of the brandNordpol®, historic brand of the great Italian artisan tradition.

Unigel owes its reputation to the breakthrough introduction of cold-process compound ingredients, technological achievement made possible by using locust bean gum instead of egg yolks, until then largely employed as stabilizers; such an innovative application of this raw material resulted in a finished product with good hold in the display case, excellent texture and optimal structure.

Relying on its strong know-how, the company is able to offer tailor-made products, in order to meet the application requirements of its customers. A careful selection of raw materials, subject to strict quality control tests together with a careful monitoring of production processes, jointly lead to standardized products of acknowledged, appreciated quality.

Unigel and brand Nordpol offers a wide range of semi-finished products targeting exclusively artisanal gelato and pastry shops

  • Bases
  • Neutrals for cream flavours
  • Neutrals for fruit flavours
  • Milk bases for gelato (cream flavours)
  • Bases for fruit flavoured gelato (fruit flavours)
  • Flavour enhancers
  • Texture improvers
  • “Istant” product line
  • Classic pastes
  • Pastes for ripples
Product catalogue 2020