Research & Development Department

Focus on innovation and differentiation, have always been present in the company’s DNA Therefore, creating an R&D department was a natural evolution for Papageorgiou Foods Group. The new department is intended to test and evaluate the advanced food ingredients from all over the world, along with developing new recipes and adjusting them to the Greek market preferences.

Papageorgiou R&D department has been located within the company’s facilities in Patras, Greece and is fully equipped with all the necessary technical and scientific equipment for executing recipes, product testing and analysis of Bakery and Pastry ingredients.

The specialized scientific and technical staff of Papageorgiou R&D department, is in constant contact with the raw material suppliers, testing and evaluating new products and recipes. Its main goal however, is the direct communication with the company’s customers. The experienced staff has a consulting role, providing solutions to every technical issue, as well as continuous training and support. At the same time, the company’s technical consultants provide customers with new product ideas destined to enrich the product range offered to their clients, focusing on innovative, differentiated solutions.

Next goal is the expansion of the R&D department with the creation of a special area for new products’ presentation, as well as conducting technical workshops. Papageorgiou’s goal is to provide continuous updates to its customers and the necessary know-how through applications in pastry, bakery and ice cream in collaboration with Greek and international experts in each field.