• Praline Daily Soft

    PremierPraline Daily Soft

  • Premium Praline

    PremierPremium Praline

    Croissant praline

  • White Praline

    PremierWhite Praline

    Praline with milk & vanilla flavor

  • Classic Praline

    PremierClassic Praline

    Hazelnut praline with cocoa & milk

  • PremierVegetable Cream 26% fat 10lt

    With 26% fat. Suitable for decorating & filling.

  • Vegetable Cream 26% fat

    PremierVegetable Cream 26% fat

    Suitable for decorating & filling.

  • Butter 82%

    PremierButter 82%

    Butter 82% frozen for pastry and cooking

  • Cow Butter 99,8% 4Κg

    PremierCow Butter 99,8%

    Cow butter concentrated 99,8% with natural flavor

  • Sheep & Goat Butter 10Kg

    PremierSheep & Goat Butter 99,8%

    Pure Milk butter (sheep & goat) Concentrated 99,8%

  • Cooking Vegetable Fat spread

    PremierCooking Vegetable Fat spread

    Delicated butter flavor and b-carotene

  • Cooking Vegetable Fat granular

    PremierCooking Vegetable Fat granular

    Delicated butter flavor and b-carotene

  • Pizza Sauce

    PremierPizza Sauce

    Sauce Powder with fresh tomato color & flavor

  • Ketcup


    Ketchup. Red color, tomato flavor.

  • Mayonnaise 10lt

    PremierMayonnaise 10lt

    Creamy mayonnaise with rich flavor

  • Mayonnaise


    Creamy mayonnaise with rich flavor

  • Mustard Smooth

    PremierMustard Smooth

    Professional Mustard with smooth taste

  • Bechamel Butter

    PremierBechamel Butter

    Rich butter flavor & velvet texture

  • Sliced Mushrooms

    PremierSliced Mushrooms

    White – Homogeneously sliced

  • Premier(GR) Premier Μέλι Ανθέων

  • Premier(GR) Premier Μέλι Ανθέων & Κωνοφόρων