“Gelato Days” from Papageorgiou

The secret lies in the raw materials…… and Papageorgiou company was glad to share the secret about authentic Italian ice cream!

That’s why a few days ago, an educational seminar called “Gelato Days” was organised in the company’s premises. Specifically, in the recently renovated R&D Department, distinguished guests had the opportunity to watch closely the specialized company’s technician who introduced them to the secrets of the art of Italian ice cream, with quality raw materials from the Italian Unigel!

The participants attended the whole process of ice cream making, they tasted new flavors and they were informed about all the new trends in ice cream. In addition, all attendees had the opportunity to exchange information, knowledge and opinions regarding ice cream, before the kick off of the season.
Gelato days are here to stay and give the opportunity to all our partners to follow the training closely and be informed about the most modern trends in the ice cream sector before the beginning of each summer season.