Special Bread Mixes

  • Pan Antiguo

    PapageorgiouPan Antiguo

    Mix with ancient seeds of Latin America and light notes of honey. Suitable for baking products and snacks.

  • Baguette Francaise 25%

    PapageorgiouBaguette Francaise 25%

    Mix with cereals for the authentic French baguette and baking products

  • Maizena Plus 50%

    PapageorgiouMaizena Plus 50%

    Mix for corn bread making and baking products.

  • Roma


    Complete mix for Roman focaccia with type 1 flour and durum wheat sourdough.



  • Brioche


    Mix for brioche bread

  • Naturale Cereali 25Kg

    PapageorgiouNaturale Cereali

    Mix for multigrain wholemeal bread, snacks, crackers etc.

  • Maizena


    Mix for corn bread making, baking products and snacks.

  • Euzymon


    Mix of flours and cereals for breadmaking

  • German Dunkel Brot

    PapageorgiouGerman Dunkel Brot

    Mix for German type bread